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Powered by the H&M Group
Sweden's Newest Marketplace
300+ Brands

Most popular marketplace in Poland
20+ years experience
20 million users per month

$554.028B in NET Revenue (2023)
206m Monthly Visitors Worldwide
90% Consumers Compare Prices On Amazon

Over 1m Monthly Visitors
€276m Total Revenue (2021)
20+ Years of E-Commerce Experience

£603 million in net income (2022/23)
Over 40,000 products
Largest DIY retailer in Europe

5,000,000 members
500+ designer brands
£75.5 million online revenue (2023)

7th largest retailer globally by revenue
$17.999B Gross Profit In 2023
14,000+ stores in over 40 countries

15m Visits Monthly
1 Item Sold Every 2.1 Seconds
20k Parcels Sent Daily

22m Monthly Visitors
114 Orders Placed Every Minute
20 Years of E-Commerce Experience

120m Yearly Visitors
2.3m Customers in 2020
The Nordic Regions Largest Marketplace

9m+ Monthly Website Visits
200+ Years Retail Experience
Household name for UK customers

40+ years retail experience
Largest sporting goods retailer in the world
Live in 13 countries

$38.5m online revenue in 2022
Number 1 shopping platform for Swiss discount e-commerce

132m active buyers worldwide
1.9b active listings
Globally known, globally trusted

€7.1m revenue (2022)
59m+ Monthly Visits
4th Ranking Marketplace in France

80% of transactions cross currency
100m+ SKUs
Over 14.8m orders globally

1.6m Customers
1,700+ Connected Merchants
10+ Years Retail Experience

2m Active Customers
20m Monthly Site Visits
20+ Years Retail Experience

£21.5m profit (2022)
£338.2m yearly turnover (2023)
Owned by global retail giant JD Sports

Retail experience since 1897
Pioneer in Belgian e-commerce
Net profit of 1.3 million euros (2023)

British retailer for over 250 years
Traditional business making innovative strides
$10.8m online revenue in 2022

10.9m Monthly Visitors
Over 150m Users

Over 32m Monthly Visitors
Germany's 4th Largest Marketplace
280 Hypermarkets = Strong Brand Recognition

Turnover of 2 billion euros (2019)
Present in 25 countries with 550 stores worldwide 50+ years of retail experience

$1m Worth of Products Sold Daily
$489.5million revenue (2023)
8m Active Subscribers

65 million customers
$18,098m total revenue (2022)
Leading American retailer

€1.2b Turnover (2022)
9m Monthly Visitors
99% French Brand Recognition in 18-65 Year Olds

500,000 monthly users
Leading Australian E-commerce

850+ of the biggest retailers worldwide
2021 Apparel Website of the Year - Global Ecommerce Awards

150+ years retail experience
Income of $1.177B (2022)
Household name across America

50m+ Yearly Website Visits
100+ Years Retail Experience
98% Brand Awareness For Swiss Customers

Over 30 years retail experience
UK household name
£1.027billion total revenue (2022)

Owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba
Spain's newest e-commerce platform
Offers global brands whilst supporting local Spanish sellers

Over 130,000 products
$68.9m revenue in 2022

$149.19m revenue (Jan 2023)
800,000 SKU's available
Largest speciality fashion retailer in Australia

£137.2m gross profit (2019)
Selling outdoor clothing since 1997
Largest outdoor retailer in the UK

AU$65million revenue (2022)
Over 1 million active customers
Leading marketplace for home products

Known and loved giant of US media
Showcases official merchandise for top TV shows & movies
$23.4 billion media segment generated revenue

115,000+ buyers
450,000+ unique monthly visitors

3m+ Monthly Visitors
3,402% revenue growth since 2018
A Fairer Amazon Alternative

25,000 orders per month
3000+ brands available
One of New Zealand's leading fashion sites

2.5+ million products shipped yearly
1 million visitors monthly

Canada's top plus size destinaton
70+ years retail experience
Well known brands in inclusive sizes

Access Korea, the fifth largest global e-commerce market
2nd fastest market growth rate following China (2021)
Access to 20 major Korean marketplaces

100 Million+ registered users
$6 Billion+ earned by their Seller Community
200 million items listed

14 million members
Over 10 years multi sport experience
Top sports brands at low prices

$11bn Revenue (2021)
115m Customers in Japan
Over 500m Monthly Visitors

Founded over 100 years ago
Canada's largest women's clothing speciality chain
CA$800.6 million revenue (2023)

25 years of retail experience
Part of the Reitmans group
89 stores across Canada

68m 'Shop Your Way' Members
Popular mobile app
Wide variaty of promotions

2m+ Monthly UK Site Visits
15 Years Retail Experience
Outlet Experience Brought Online

Projected revenue of $60B by 2025
$800million NET profit (2022)
Customers in 150+ countries

Online arm of American outlet franchise, Simon
Over 3000 luxury brands
$5.3billion revenue (2022)

€697.5m Turnover in 2020
Innovative Flash Sale Model
15+ Years Retail Experience

14m Monthly EU Visitors
Over 3,500 Brands
15+ Years Online Retail Experience

400k products in counting
Specialist marketplace for sporting goods
Expertise in online marketing

2m Monthly Site Visits
Sports Specific Marketplace
20+ Years Retail Experience

50 years+ operational experience
40,000+ products
Trusted UK brand

£1.38 billion turnover (2022)
60 years of retail experience
Second largest UK health & beauty retailer

Present in 12 countries
The UK's biggest supermarket chain
£2.83B Profit (2023)

Oldest retail company in Canada
Over 350 years of business experience

30+ years business experience
140,000+ products across 16 departments
85% brand awareness in the UK

Selling in 10 countries
1 billion products delivered to 400 million customers across Latin America

1.53 billion users worldwide
$9.4b revenue (2022)

181,000 products sold
Over 214,000 customers
1 million products to choose from

20 million+ customers
Ships 25,000+ orders a day

5m Active Member Accounts
New Zealand's Leading Marketplace
5th Most Visited Site in New Zealand

Over 1m Orders Fulfilled in UK alone
4 Dedicated Websites
10+ Years Online Retail Experience

51.3m Members
3.2m daily unique visitors
150k listed products

1 million shoppers per month
More than 2,000 merchants
$50m gross merchandise value (2021)

More than 80,000 items
Over 10 years experience
Over 400 active brands

Over 900,000 daily visits
$38bn in sales (2020)
Live in the USA and Canada

22.3 million active customers
20,000 sellers
One of the UK's largest home retailers

90+ Years Selling
2 Million Site Visits Per Week
£1.2 Billion Turnover (2022)

24m monthly active users
900,00 products sold everyday
170,000 merchants registered

£21b gross merchandise sales (2022)
Approx 28 million monthly visitors

Prioritising customer trust
Each product chosen & approved
Authentic & transparent

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