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Sweden's Newest Marketplace
300+ Brands

Most popular marketplace in Poland
20+ years experience
20 million users per month

$554.028B in NET Revenue (2023)
206m Monthly Visitors Worldwide
90% Consumers Compare Prices On Amazon

Over 1m Monthly Visitors
€276m Total Revenue (2021)
20+ Years of E-Commerce Experience

£603 million in net income (2022/23)
Over 40,000 products
Largest DIY retailer in Europe

15m Visits Monthly
1 Item Sold Every 2.1 Seconds
20k Parcels Sent Daily

22m Monthly Visitors
114 Orders Placed Every Minute
20 Years of E-Commerce Experience

120m Yearly Visitors
2.3m Customers in 2020
The Nordic Regions Largest Marketplace

9m+ Monthly Website Visits
200+ Years Retail Experience
Household name for UK customers

40+ years retail experience
Largest sporting goods retailer in the world
Live in 13 countries

$38.5m online revenue in 2022
Number 1 shopping platform for Swiss discount e-commerce

132m active buyers worldwide
1.9b active listings
Globally known, globally trusted

€7.1m revenue (2022)
59m+ Monthly Visits
4th Ranking Marketplace in France

80% of transactions cross currency
100m+ SKUs
Over 14.8m orders globally

1.6m Customers
1,700+ Connected Merchants
10+ Years Retail Experience

2m Active Customers
20m Monthly Site Visits
20+ Years Retail Experience

British retailer for over 250 years
Traditional business making innovative strides
$10.8m online revenue in 2022

10.9m Monthly Visitors
Over 150m Users

35+ years retail experience
EUR 271.0 million sales (2020)
One of the largest discount stores in Finland

Over 32m Monthly Visitors
Germany's 4th Largest Marketplace
280 Hypermarkets = Strong Brand Recognition

Turnover of 2 billion euros (2019)
Present in 25 countries with 550 stores worldwide 50+ years of retail experience

$1m Worth of Products Sold Daily
$489.5million revenue (2023)
8m Active Subscribers

65 million customers
$18,098m total revenue (2022)
Leading American retailer

€1.2b Turnover (2022)
9m Monthly Visitors
99% French Brand Recognition in 18-65 Year Olds

500,000 monthly users
Leading Australian E-commerce

850+ of the biggest retailers worldwide
2021 Apparel Website of the Year - Global Ecommerce Awards

150+ years retail experience
Income of $1.177B (2022)
Household name across America

50m+ Yearly Website Visits
100+ Years Retail Experience
98% Brand Awareness For Swiss Customers

Over 30 years retail experience
UK household name
£1.027billion total revenue (2022)

Owned by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba
Spain's newest e-commerce platform
Offers global brands whilst supporting local Spanish sellers

Over 130,000 products
$68.9m revenue in 2022

$149.19m revenue (Jan 2023)
800,000 SKU's available
Largest speciality fashion retailer in Australia

£137.2m gross profit (2019)
Selling outdoor clothing since 1997
Largest outdoor retailer in the UK

AU$65million revenue (2022)
Over 1 million active customers
Leading marketplace for home products

Known and loved giant of US media
Showcases official merchandise for top TV shows & movies
$23.4 billion media segment generated revenue

115,000+ buyers
450,000+ unique monthly visitors

3m+ Monthly Visitors
3,402% revenue growth since 2018
A Fairer Amazon Alternative

25,000 orders per month
3000+ brands available
One of New Zealand's leading fashion sites

2.5+ million products shipped yearly
1 million visitors monthly

Canada's top plus size destinaton
70+ years retail experience
Well known brands in inclusive sizes

Access Korea, the fifth largest global e-commerce market
2nd fastest market growth rate following China (2021)
Access to 20 major Korean marketplaces

14 million members
Over 10 years multi sport experience
Top sports brands at low prices

$11bn Revenue (2021)
115m Customers in Japan
Over 500m Monthly Visitors

Founded over 100 years ago
Canada's largest women's clothing speciality chain
CA$800.6 million revenue (2023)

25 years of retail experience
Part of the Reitmans group
89 stores across Canada

68m 'Shop Your Way' Members
Popular mobile app
Wide variaty of promotions

2m+ Monthly UK Site Visits
15 Years Retail Experience
Outlet Experience Brought Online

Projected revenue of $60B by 2025
$800million NET profit (2022)
Customers in 150+ countries

Online arm of American outlet franchise, Simon
Over 3000 luxury brands
$5.3billion revenue (2022)

€697.5m Turnover in 2020
Innovative Flash Sale Model
15+ Years Retail Experience

14m Monthly EU Visitors
Over 3,500 Brands
15+ Years Online Retail Experience

400k products in counting
Specialist marketplace for sporting goods
Expertise in online marketing

2m Monthly Site Visits
Sports Specific Marketplace
20+ Years Retail Experience

50 years+ operational experience
40,000+ products
Trusted UK brand

£1.38 billion turnover (2022)
60 years of retail experience
Second largest UK health & beauty retailer

Oldest retail company in Canada
Over 350 years of business experience

New Zealand's Newest Marketplace
3,400+ Brands
1.9m+ Products

30+ years business experience
140,000+ products across 16 departments
85% brand awareness in the UK

Selling in 10 countries
1 billion products delivered to 400 million customers across Latin America

1.53 billion users worldwide
$9.4b revenue (2022)

181,000 products sold
Over 214,000 customers
1 million products to choose from

20 million+ customers
Ships 25,000+ orders a day

5m Active Member Accounts
New Zealand's Leading Marketplace
5th Most Visited Site in New Zealand

Over 1m Orders Fulfilled in UK alone
4 Dedicated Websites
10+ Years Online Retail Experience

51.3m Members
3.2m daily unique visitors
150k listed products

1 million shoppers per month
More than 2,000 merchants
$50m gross merchandise value (2021)

More than 80,000 items
Over 10 years experience
Over 400 active brands

Over 900,000 daily visits
$38bn in sales (2020)
Live in the USA and Canada

22.3 million active customers
20,000 sellers
One of the UK's largest home retailers

24m monthly active users
900,00 products sold everyday
170,000 merchants registered

£21b gross merchandise sales (2022)
Approx 28 million monthly visitors

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