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Seamless selling on the world's largest online marketplaces


We make global selling easy

Pertemba specialises in providing stress-free solutions to international retail, for a diverse portfolio of over 250+ brands


Bringing your domestic product to a global audience opens up countless opportunities to sell more, expanding your audience to shoppers worldwide each with their own customs and currencies.

In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately $5.2 Trillion U.S dollars worldwide.

This Figure is forecast to grow by 56% over the next few years, reaching $8.1 trillion dollars by 2026.


E-commerce's reach is ever-growing and here to stay. Brands still relying on physical stores need to expand their reach to keep their products relevant and accessible in the eyes of today's digital consumer.

Many of today's marketplaces have a global reach, bringing brands and products closer to consumers worldwide quicker than ever.

Marketplaces build consumer trust in ways that self-made websites can't, fuelling their growth as the biggest sector of the e-commerce market.

Global shoppers are more willing to cross borders via a trusted marketplace, with a growing two thirds of traffic coming through such platforms.

The Barriers

Establishing Contracts

Time-consuming contract negotiations can cost money and pose unforseen legal repercussions.

Technical Integrations

Integration to each marketplace requires development time and in-depth knowledge of both your own system and that of the platform.

Localised content and customer services

No two countries are alike, but with our localised content and native language customer services we cater to the needs of a broad and diverse global audience.

Cross border shipments and returns

Crossing borders during both the delivery and returns process can be a costly and complicated process.

Payments in multiple currencies

Different customers and different countries demand individual attention in terms of their currency of choice.

Compliance (Brexit)

The impact of Brexit has been felt across everything from tax regulations to legal requirements, with compliance now more complex than ever.

Why Pertemba?


Marketplace contract negotiations can be tricky, not least when language barriers come into play.

  • Pertemba has established long-term contracts with over 120 international marketplaces.

  • We only partner with companies we believe in, allowing us to take all risk and responsibility for our shared success.

  • When it comes to working with Pertemba there are no tie-ins or contracts. Stop working with us at any time.

  • Your products - your decisions. You control where your products are sold.


Looking to branch out but lacking technical capacity? With each marketplace requiring a bespoke approach to integration the prospect of setting up real-time inventory can be challenging.

  • Pertemba's in-house development team has years of experience in offering tailored solutions to meet the integration needs of each of our marketplace partners.

  • Problems along the way? Whether it's stock malfunctions or pricing problems, you can trust the Pertemba team to identify and resolve issues quickly.


Breaking into international territories may seem like an obvious decision, but language barriers can bring negotiating with marketplaces and listing goods to a grinding halt.

  • Native speaking customer service for all international sales channels ensures that Pertemba customers receive quality responses quickly.

  • Product listings are translated by our dedicated team of native translators, ensuring that both your business and your products are represented professionally on a global stage.


Securing a customer order is only the start of the selling process. When it comes to packing, preparing and posting an order, you can trust Pertemba to take care of each stage professionally.

  • We have established links with couriers all over the world, ensuring your products arrive safely in countries across the globe.

  • Our warehouse team takes expert care in packing and prepping products, ensuring even delicate items arrive in one piece.


Managing international currencies can be time consuming and confusing, particularly when it comes to reimbursements. Pertemba keeps money matters plain and simple, no matter the currency.

  • Up to the minute currency conversion ensures that your product pricing keeps up with the latest rates.

  • Pertemba manages the payment process from beginning to end, ensuring we meet each buyers preference.

  • Returning goods internationally can be daunting for the average consumer. Our international customer service team ensures customers peace of mind and their money back.


Looking to take your business to the next level but daunted by the challenges of international compliance? Broaden your products' horizons by listing on top global marketplaces with Pertemba.

  • Pertemba has expert knowledge of the legal and logistical implications to selling on the world’s biggest online retail platforms

  • Brexit has made selling into EU territories more complex than ever, with additional layers of compliance added in areas such as taxes, documentation and logistics. Pertemba has already steered scores of companies through the process, taking care of everything from beginning to end.



Pertemba’s portfolio of international partners only continues to grow. Click below to find out more about where a partnership with us can take you.

Marketplaces continue to be the largest and fastest growing sector of the e-commerce market.

In a constantly competitive market brands need to bolster their online presence and secure consumer trust now more than ever.

A partnership with Pertemba ensures a fast-track to new countries and customers for your products.

Customers trust marketplaces most when it comes to cross-border selling, with two thirds of such orders placed through third party platforms.

Trusted by 250+ leading global brands

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Mountain Warehouse
Mountain WarehouseDavid Page - Head of Channels
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"Mountain Warehouse has been working with Pertemba for some time now and our partnership with them has been positive since day one. Pertemba has taken our brand and products to many marketplaces and countries across the world with ease. Nothing has ever been too much trouble - I would definitely recommend Pertemba to anyone looking to grow their business via online marketplaces. They truly are experts in this field."
WeatherbeetaJenny Graham - Account Manager
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"Having worked with Pertemba for a number of years now, I have found them straight forward and easy to deal with. Working with Pertemba has enabled our brands to be seen by consumers we may not have otherwise reached."

CraghoppersSteve Lloyd - Account Manager
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"Craghoppers have been working with Pertemba for several years and it has always been a very positive relationship, growing year on year. Pertemba have taken Craghoppers to many new market places and nothing was too much trouble."

Gardiner Brothers & Footsure Western Ltd
Gardiner Brothers & Footsure Western LtdDavid Watt - Account Manager
Read More

“Gardiner Brothers & Footsure Western Ltd have been working with Pertemba for over a decade, & during that time they have been a pleasure to deal with, allowing us to expand into global marketplaces with minimal fuss & great success. As we continue to grow as a business, we look forward to developing our excellent working relationship over the coming years.”

The Duke Clothing co
The Duke Clothing coSteve Osborne - Sales Manager
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"Working with Pertemba Global, has been so very easy and that is testament to Ravi for building such a great professional company packed full of hard working and energetic talented people. Our prime objective was always to build turnover with Pertemba Global, which we are doing year on year. However, being introduced into so many new markets around the world, has generated a great deal of additional interest in our brand and has resulted in many new accounts that we otherwise would not have had.


Reydon Sports PLC
Reydon Sports PLCJoe Hague - Sales Account Manager
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“Reydon Sports began working with Pertemba back in 2020 and our experience has been incredibly positive to date. Pertemba have taken our brands and seamlessly expanded into new global marketplaces, achieving significant growth as a result.”

BelledormNeil Bebbington - Concession & Key Account Manager
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"We have been working with Pertemba for some years now and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure! The process is simple yet so effective, they have helped us reach audiences across the globe and have helped us grown our brand, within the UK and globally. The team behind the scenes are always at hand should you require them with communication at the highest level."

Hill Interiors
Hill InteriorsPaul Nel - Chief Operations Officer
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"For the last 8 months we have been working with Pertemba – they have been outstanding. With efficient and easy to use systems working together has gone incredibly smoothly. Having seen significant growth over this short period and the team at Pertemba been an absolute pleasure to work with, we look forward to what the future holds!"

Miriad Products Ltd
Miriad Products LtdLee Farthing - Sales & Marketing Manager
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"We have had a very succesful first year working alongside the team at Pertemba. Our product range has been made available to a much wider audience than our usual customer base and we have been delighted with our sales growth."

Rock Off
Rock OffDavid Orme - Customer Relations Manager
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"Rock Off’s partnership with Pertemba this far has been fantastic and delivered great results. Pertemba’s unwavering commitment to excellence, responsiveness, and their proactive approach has helped us reach a much wider audience. Their team's dedication to understanding our needs and delivering beyond expectations has forged a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. We deeply appreciate their ongoing support and look forward to continuing our collaborative journey towards shared growth and prosperity."