Pertemba Global

About us

What is Pertemba?

Pertemba is a single-service global selling solution for brands and retailers that are looking to sell internationally. Offering a seamless route to online marketplaces around the world, Pertemba removes the complexities of selling into international markets throughout Europe, America and Asia, accelerating global brand awareness and customer reach.



The Pertemba team takes care of everything from beginning to end, holding existing contracts with some of the world's biggest marketplaces and most trusted global couriers.

Local contracts, translations and customer service are all covered by our experienced team of native-speakers.

Delivery, returns and reimbursements are all taken care of by us, ensuring a streamlined approach to selling internationally.

About Pertemba?

Launched in 2015, Pertemba was created to ease the many complexities faced by brands, retailers and wholesalers looking to expand internationally. With over a decade of experience working closely with some of the world’s biggest and best marketplaces, our team is well-equipped to tackle everything from contract negotiations and technical integrations to native translations and international customer service.
Pertemba’s aim is to empower businesses keen on international expansion by allowing them to access our portfolio of global marketplaces and the countless international customers that shop with them.
When it comes to revenue share, our success is your success, so you can count on Pertemba to professionally represent your brand at all times.
We never stop looking for new opportunities to forge partnerships with the world’s latest and greatest marketplaces, ensuring that your products have access to ever-expanding selling opportunities.
With direct API integrations to over 80 marketplaces around the world, Pertemba prides itself on being a technology-first solution provider.