Amazon’s mass closure of vendor accounts

The recent news of Amazon closing vendor accounts has sent shockwaves through the ecommerce world, leaving many businesses scrambling to find new ways to maintain their online presence and sales volume. Source: It’s not the first time Amazon has trimmed down vendor accounts, and it won’t be the last. At Pertemba Global, we can help […]

CDON – Leading marketplace in the Nordics

Pertemba Global are proud to be LIVE on CDON! We are ready to help brands expand their reach into the Nordic region! Founded in 1999, CDON is the largest online marketplace in the Nordics with millions of products on offer and over 100 million visitors a year, presenting a huge opportunity for brands looking to grow […]

‘Step up’ your game within Footwear E-Commerce

🚨 Attention all footwear brands! Did you know that the global ecommerce footwear market was valued at USD 99.1 billion in 2021…and is expected to grow even more?! Expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8% from 2022 to 2028, now is the perfect time to expand the reach of your footwear […]

Debenhams – Iconic British retailer turned leading UK marketplace

Debenhams is an iconic British retailer that has been around for over 245 years! With such a rich history and strong reputation, Debenhams has an incredibly large and loyal customer base in the UK. More recently, Debenhams has been embarking on a digital transformation to evolve into a new era of digital commerce, responding to changing […] – Top choice for brands entering the Swiss market

Manor AG is one of Switzerland’s leading online marketplaces, offering a wide range of products across multiple categories, from fashion and beauty to home and electronics. With over 1.45 million active customers, and a strong reputation for quality products and reliable service, Manor is a top choice for businesses looking to expand their brand’s influence in […]

NEW Marketplace Launch – ClubeFashion PT

We’re excited to announce that Pertemba Global is now live on CLUBEFASHION! Did you know that ClubeFashion is the largest Portuguese online outlet? With over 1000 market leading brands available on the platform, ClubeFashion provides a unique and diverse range of products to its customers, making it the perfect place for brands to expand their reach […]

Kogan AU – Australia’s Largest Marketplace is Australia’s largest online marketplace, offering a vast array of products from fashion and beauty to home and electronics. With over 3.5 million active customers and a reputation for quality, reliability and exceptions customer service, is a top choice for businesses looking to hit the ground running in the Australian market. At Pertemba […]

NEW Marketplace Launch – Kiabi FR

Exciting news!!! We are thrilled to announce that Pertemba Global is now live on the KIABI Kiabi is a leading French online marketplace for fashion and home decor, boasting over 19 million visits every month! With a diverse range of products and an impressive customer base, Kiabi is the perfect platform for businesses looking to sell […]

NEW Marketplace Launch – The Bay CA

NEW MARKETPLACE ALERT! 🚨🚨🚨 Pertemba Global now LIVE on The Bay! Hudson’s Bay is a digital-first purpose-driven retailer helping Canadians live their best style of life. As one of the country’s most iconic brands, Hudson’s Bay operates 88 full-line locations and featuring Marketplace — the 5th largest e-commerce business in Canada. Hudson’s Bay has established a reputation […]

How Brexit costs this retailer £1m a month in sales

   How Brexit costs this retailer £1m a month in sales Fantastic insight from our Owner and MD Ravi Karia on the impact of Brexit, and how Pertemba Global has continued to grow despite the challenges faced over the last couple of years.