This week we sat down with Offshore Operations Director Suraj shaw to learn about his role & how Pertemba’s offshore office helps brands to reach their full potential on a global stage.

Q: Tell us about your role at Pertemba Global & what it entails.
A: As Operations Director, my role is dynamic and revolves around managing the day-to-day deliverables across many departments from Finance to Customer Service. I need to ensure the team is well-equipped with the knowledge and resources to support the global operation of Pertemba.

Q: June sees the 3rd anniversary of the Bangalore office – what are some of your proudest moments over this time?
A: A standout for me was playing my part in the initial international expansion of Pertemba and officially opening the doors for operations with just a handful of professionals – this was a very proud moment for me. Over the last 3 years we have managed to build this as a home for over 65 professionals across different business domains, it has been both challenging but incredibly rewarding.

We have employees from a wide variety of backgrounds and it has been important for me to champion the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. It is of utmost importance that we prioritise agility, empathy and acceptance when leading a diverse, young workforce. I am incredibly proud to see them working together as one strong team towards achieving common business goals.

Q: Tell us about Bangalore (the “Silicon Valley”of India) and why this is a great place to have an office?
A: Bangalore has been the IT capital of India for a while now, and it’s also the home of the country’s startup culture. Hence, it has been the prime choice for foreign investment, local firms, MNCs, and startups to set up their delivery centres. The huge advantage companies get out of setting their offices up in Bangalore is the massive amount of skilled individuals on hand in the area.

The area’s well-developed infrastructure naturally attracts a talented, globally-minded crowd, which we have been able to tap into to great effect at Pertemba. Alongside this, Bangalore has a rich heritage and history, which makes it an excellent place to live, as well as a fantastic place to work.

Q: How many people are in the team and what areas of the business do they work on?
Currently we have 65 employees, covering Customer Service, Content Management, Finance, Marketing & Data Management, Information Technology and Support.

Q: Tell us about the synergy between the UK and Indian offices and how this is managed day-to-day.
A: Team synergy between the UK & Bangalore office has evolved over time, and now we have reached a point where both sides work together seamlessly as a team towards achieving shared business goals. Communication is effortless through online channels, and staff in both locations continue to support each other through regular meetings, training sessions and in-person visits.

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