This week we sat down with Pertemba’s Head Of Business Development Paul Davison to discuss his first few months at the company and his plans for the rest of the year. Read on to learn more!

Q: Tell us about the role of Head Of Business Development and what it entails.

A: My role revolves around identifying new business prospects, building strategic partnerships, and nurturing existing relationships to enhance our market presence. I also lead the implementation of business development strategies to meet revenue targets and foster long-term sustainability.

The role requires a blend of market analysis, relationship management and innovative thinking to capitalise on emerging trends and opportunities in the industry.

Q: Tell us about your journey to becoming Head Of Business Development for Pertemba Global.

A: I have over 20 years experience within the sports and lifestyle sectors, varying across multiple roles that cover sales, buying & business analytics. I started my career at Marks & Spencer learning the buying & merchandising functions of a blue chip organisation. Then I decided to travel the world for a couple of years.

On return I moved into the sports industry, working for various retailers such as First Sport and JJB Sports. I then moved onto the brand side working on key strategic accounts for global sports brands PUMA and Under Armour, where I saw huge growth across both.

I then set up my own successful headwear brand where we obtained global partnerships with the likes of UFC/MotoGP/Euroleague Basketball and CAPCOM to name a few. After moving on from doing my own thing my desire to get back into an exciting project has led me to Pertemba Global where I’m super excited to join such a forward thinking business and looking forward to helping grow the portfolio of suppliers over the next few years.

Q: What do you hope the rest of the year will bring for the business?

A: I hope that for the rest of the year our focus will be to to keep driving continued growth and expanding our market reach. We will also be exploring new opportunities for business development, enhancing our product offerings & strengthening relationships with customers and partners. The goal will be to achieve sustainable growth, increase market share and solidify our position as a leader in the industry. I’m excited about the prospects ahead and dedicated to ensure a successful year for our business.

Q: Why should businesses look to partner with Pertemba?

A: Businesses should consider partnering with Pertemba for several reasons. We pride ourselves on a strong commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. We can open global doors to new opportunities for growth and collaboration in the ever evolving marketplace. We pride ourselves on being the easiest partner by removing hurdles and obstacles across the integration and global expansion process.

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