This week we caught up with Managing Director Craig Sandall to talk all things Pertemba. Read on to find out more about Craig’s plans for 2024!

Q: How has it been since taking over as MD in August?

A: Busy! It has been our biggest peak period ever with records being toppled on a daily basis so I think it is fair to say it’s been a really exciting and busy first few months in the role. I’ve been incredibly proud to lead the team through that peak period, and getting to see the amazing efforts that the teams have given. It makes me excited for what we are going to be able to achieve together.

Q: Tell us about your journey to becoming Managing Director for Pertemba Global?

A: I’ve been very fortunate through my career to find myself working in really exciting and fast paced businesses, learning everything I possibly could from some very clever people. And I can say that has been the case for me in getting to work so closely with Ravi in the 8 years I was Operations Director here before making the move into the MD role.

Q: What will 2024 bring for the business?

A: We have big growth ambitions as a business and the sky’s the limit to what we can achieve. We added a European fulfilment centre in the middle of 2023 that will continue to aid that growth, as well as enable us to make the Pertemba model available to more business throughout 2024.
We also have a number of really interesting partnerships coming up that will allow us to present opportunities for growth to both brands and marketplaces, which is what we are all about.

Q: Why should businesses look to partner with Pertemba?

A: We offer a really simple solution to what can be a complicated, time consuming and costly process in trying to access the clear growth opportunity that the ever expanding list of great marketplaces around the globe represents for brands and retailers. Through one partnership with Pertemba they can access over 100 marketplaces practically overnight.

The same is true with marketplaces also, through a single integration with Pertemba they can access a catalogue of nearly 1 million SKUs.

Everyone at this point understands the size of the e-commerce market and the opportunity that marketplaces represent for growth within that, and at Pertemba we want to help on both sides where we can.

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