This week we sat down with Marketplace Integrations & Compliance Manager Victor Coupe to learn about his role & how Pertemba can help brands reach their full potential on a global stage.

Q: Tell us about your role at Pertemba Global & what it entails.

My role covers two main areas:

‘Marketplace Integrations’ – working alongside a wonderful team of highly-skilled technical experts, I oversee all new (30 in the last 8 months!) and existing integrations from a technical point of view – ensuring integrations are complete, optimised and stable. From integrating product data (created by our fantastic Content and Translations teams) to ensuring orders flow seamlessly between our systems, I’m responsible for making sure all technical elements work seamlessly.

On the ‘Compliance’ side, I ensure that the health on our marketplace accounts remains strong. Highly-rated accounts can be tough to build and maintain, so this is important in ensuring business continuity.

Q: What are some of your proudest moments in the role?

We now list and sell on 130 marketplaces worldwide and this number is always growing. My team is integral in this continued growth, with every new launch I take a great sense of pride knowing “we made that happen!”

A standout moment for me from the last 6 months was when we launched on VogaCloset, a UK-based platform, selling into the Middle East and North Africa. Using complex rules to manipulate and enrich data, we managed to create quality listings quickly and get this new integration setup and trading in under a week – a new record. To me that was amazing – we could have no presence in a whole territory on a Monday and be making sales there by Friday!

I would like to add here – our approach has even won acclaim: In mid-2023, we won ‘Mirakl Seller of the Year’, which is huge praise from the market-leading marketplace software company!

Q: Tell us about the challenges a brand faces when wanting to sell on a new marketplace & how Pertemba can help.

Marketplace integrations are tricky. They require time, people, technical expertise and knowledge. Each integration is different, and each has their own accepted data sets and mappings that any brand looking to integrate with that marketplace would have to navigate in order to sell on that platform. This can be a real challenge for any brand, and having the skills and experience to quickly make data-rich, optimised listings can be the difference between being the first to market or being lost in the noise. Here at Pertemba – we do that every day, it’s our bread & butter.

We use our people and technology to take care of the heavy lifting for our brand partners. We can take their data and make it work on any marketplace – existing or new. Alongside managing all technical aspects, we also handle warehousing in the UK, EU and USA, native translation, customer service, global logistics, global returns handling and digital marketing. We can become the marketplace arm for any brand with ease.

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